April 11, 2011

Stardate 64738.1

Perhaps today is not anything spectacular but a lot of changes are happening in our data center. Virtualization has been a big deal in our group since I've started and automation seems to be the key in growing organically. We have Cobbler kickstart doing our deployments for Linux and soon it will do our deployments for Windows servers as well. This is only one area that we work on, there's also puppet and SCCM to manage updates and changes. It's pretty exciting to be working for IRT these days!

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Posted by Benjamin Coles at 7:56 PM

February 16, 2011

Blog Administrator

Medblog is managed by multiple groups for the School of Medicine at Stanford. The backend and application is managed by Data Center. The web team manages the front end look and feel, and an amazing job at that! Finally we have the users which represent the bulk of the work. For example, I've found some amazing blogs such as Scope, Lane News, and Radiology.

Many thanks to all those who have dedicated their hard work to making a difference in the community.

Posted by Benjamin Coles at 10:35 PM