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Holiday Food for Fines Drive - 2011
Open Access and Author Fees
Ten things I wish I knew about Lane when I started my postdoc
Notes from the History Center
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First Consult Trial
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DynaMed Trial
DynaMed Demo Today
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Stanford Medical History on Flickr
Micromedex 2.0
TIP: Who is citing my articles?
Psychiatry Portal – New!
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Tip: DocXpress from Scopus
Pediatrics Portal Redesigned!
Tip: Need an Image?
Two New Search Tools
Holiday Food for Fines Drive - 2010
Tip: Find Full Text Articles Easily using a PMID
GeneGo’s MetaCore and Eureka
Student Technology Survey Contest Winners Announced!
Transfac Professional is Back!
October — National Medical Librarians Month
New Exhibit: History of Neurosurgery at Stanford
NIH Public Access Compliance Problems?
Information Literacy 2.0: Digital Team Space for Collaboration
Lane Library's Bookless Branch in LKSC
NIH Public Access Requirement for grant applications
Lane Librarian Honored for Information Literacy Innovations
Lane's Research Bioinformationist
New: Scopus
New: Science Translational Medicine
Library News Goes Digital in 2010!
New Facility Under Construction: Digital Wing of Lane Medical Library
Get Ready to GoHD
Information Literacy: Articulate, Navigate, Evaluate, Apply and Evolve
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Journal Subscription Cancellations
PubMed Redesign
New David Bassett Exhibit!
Chat with Lane
Lane Goes Global!
JAMA Archive 1883-1997 Now Completed Online!
New Heart Center Portal Goes Live!
Latest Issue of LaneConnexion
Swine Flu Updates - 7/1//2009
Want a brainier PubMed?
Bassett Collection on LaneConnex
New Book: CT and MR Angiography
Journal Impact Factors
Metasearch now searches RSeek
No login necessary for PROTEOME & TRANSFAC
Electronic lab notebook on Lane computers
New Exhibit: What Degas and Monet Saw
Fall '08 HotBooks now up
OPPIE Replaces SearchPlus Sep 23
NEW: AccessSurgery
New: Encyclopedia of Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics
Vast eBook expansion
New: PROTEOME & TRANSFAC databases
New: ASM Materials for Medical Devices Database
Keep up with the latest
Faculty 1,000 Medicine
Dr. Wilson's SOM History Redesigned
Medical Devices Database Trial
Fastest access to eBooks
Got NIH Law Feedback?
Spring Library Classes
NIH Open Access Law
Bioresearch Portal updated
MATLAB on Lane computers
Winter LaneConnexion
Patent ordering via DocXpress
Metasearch now searches ACM and SLAC
SciFinder web version now available!
Cell Stem Cell now available!
Winter Break & Holiday Hours
Blackwell back years added
Surviving! exhibit
SciVee: "YouTube for Scientists"
Metasearch engine now searches Engineering Village
Fall LaneConnexion
Metasearch engine now searches DOD research
Upcoming NCBI training workshop at UC Davis - Open to Stanford
Can't attend MATLAB workshop? You can still log into the live webcast...
TRANSFAC Professional now available
Lane's first digital exhibit
Metasearch now searches expertise in the School of Engineering
Proteome searching now part of Lane's metasearch engine
Ovid Off-Campus Access Problems
Notice of cancellation for HGMD Professional
Welcome to Lane!
Summer LaneConnexion
Introducing Webdash
New Pharmacy Portal
Science Citation and other engines now part of Bioresearch Metasearch
Spring lane connexion
SAM now available on M206 teaching computers
No Wireless: 5/16 (Wed.) 5 pm to 12 am
Free iPass
Announcing ToolsForYou: A blog about biotools
New History Portal
Ingenuity Pathways Analysis clinic to be held May 10th 1-3 PM
Get to the bottom of pharmacogenomics
"In-Browser" LaneConnex Search
DocXpress gets a Facelift
Upcoming seminar: Discover NextBio's Search Engine
Selected Lane classes now presented via WebEx
Lane Catalog Links to Amazon
Bioresearch metasearch now finds SOM Core Facilities
SUNet ID Needed for Lane Computers
R now available on teaching lab computers
Introducing HotBooks
Test Drive LaneConnex
Tobacco Exhibit Reception Feb. 12
LaneConnexion has Links
Human Gene Mutation Database Pro is here!
SPCTRM Workshops Now Online
Upcoming Biostatistics class at Lane!
Interested in the quickest way to find drug and target data?
Library holiday & intersession hours
DocXpress during the winter holidays
Clear your fines with food!
Announcing New Resources for Life Scientists from the Lane Library
Enhanced Portals Debut
SKOLAR Replaced by ClinicalResource@Ovid
Find Impact Factors
New Look for CWP!
Welcome new Medical Students!
New! Pediatrics, v.1, 1948-
New! eJournal Backfiles
New! Protein Lounge
New! Cold Spring Harbor Protocols
New Patio Furniture at Lane
View Medicine Grand Rounds anytime, anywhere.
Looking for chemical compounds, substances, bioassay and structures?
Trial: MD Consult Pain Medicine
Trial: Autophagy & Cell Cycle
New: Psych Ejournal Backfiles
New: GEN biotechnology database
New: Proteome
Medieval surgical treatises donated to Lane
New: Simulation in Healthcare
New: 154 Years of Psychiatry
National Doctors Day at Stanford
SPRING Lane Workshops & Classes Schedule Now Available!
New: BioMed Central Supporting Member
Mark your calendar! Lane's 100th birthday party
New Office of Community Health
Imag(in)ing the Future of Molecular Imaging
Upcoming lecture 2/27: Is There Any Hope for Tackling the World's Most Neglected Diseases?
Alert - SHC and LPCH access
EndNote Tip! Multi-part organizations as authors
Stanford Medical Student Authors
Scientific Management Series for Postdocs
Evidence matters
Trial Registration at
New version of Micromedex
New! Books@Ovid
New Online: eMedicine
Workshops and Classes - Winter Schedule
Healing HeARTS
New! Online from Volume 1
Trial: Cochrane Library
New: PsychiatryOnline
New book from Stanford Faculty