Lane News
9:23 AM October 21, 2008

RSS notices for Lane classes

Lane's class catalog now features an RSS feed that will keep you up to date with our popular workshops and events. So what, you might say? Our class list is...
2:50 PM October 15, 2008

Metasearch now searches RSeek

The Bioresearch Metasearch engine now returns search results from RSeek, a search engine specialized in retrieving information about the R statistical language. Why does anyone need this? Well, if you've...
11:13 AM October 13, 2008

No login necessary for PROTEOME & TRANSFAC

As of October 13, 2008, PROTEOME and TRANSFAC Pro no longer require a login; only a SUNet ID is necessary. These powerful databases are now delivered via the BIOBASE Knowledge...
3:44 PM October 8, 2008

Electronic lab notebook on Lane computers

All of the public computers at the Lane Medical Library now offer CambridgeSoft's electronic laboratory notebook (e-Notebook) software, usable by anyone with a SUNet ID. If you're wondering whether e-Notebook...
11:03 AM October 6, 2008

New Exhibit: What Degas and Monet Saw

Lane Library is proud to present an original exhibit, What Degas and Monet Saw. The exhibit appears on the first floor of the library in two adjacent rooms and showcases...