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3:30 PM February 22, 2010

Library News Goes Digital in 2010!

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Welcome to the first issue of the new electronic format for our news publication, formerly called Lane Connexion

3:00 PM February 22, 2010

New Facility Under Construction: Digital Wing of Lane Medical Library

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Lane is building a state-of-the-art library facility, online. It provides the medical center and the entire SU campus community with expanded search capability and more "user-friendly" access to 4,700 online biomedical periodicals, as well as thousands of online books, images, videos, etc.

2:30 PM February 22, 2010

Get Ready to GoHD

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GoHD is a new EdTech campaign to clearly explain the concepts and benefits of the state-of-the-art technology that will be available in the Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge (LKSC).

2:00 PM February 22, 2010

Information Literacy: Articulate, Navigate, Evaluate, Apply and Evolve

“Every day, we are inundated with vast amounts of information…Rather than merely possessing data, we must also learn the skills necessary to acquire, collate, and evaluate information for any situation.”
— President Obama's proclamation of National Information Literacy Awareness Month, October 2009..

8:00 AM February 22, 2010

Tip: Looking for journal titles?

Search for Titles Did you know you can find journal titles by searching LaneConnex? It doesn't take much typing if you use the auto complete feature. In many cases, the title you are looking for will be first among the search results.
2:35 PM February 11, 2010

Journal Subscription Cancellations

As you are aware, many 2010 budgets are lower than in 2009. While Lane's 2010 subscriptions budget was held at the 2009 level, its purchasing power has fallen due to...