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Ten things I wish I knew about Lane when I started my postdoc

by Arpi Siyahian PhD, Lane Library Bioresearch Informationist

1. Off-Campus Login for two weeks
On the library’s homepage at the top right-hand corner there is a link that reads “Off Campus Login,” visible only when you are off campus. Use that link to sign in; check the box that says “keep me signed in for two weeks,” and you will be able to access all Stanford resources as if you were on campus.

Offsite login image

2. Different search options are available on Lane’s website

Lane Search
The default search on the library’s homepage produces results from Pubmed, Scopus, and the library’s catalog. Click a title in Lane Search results to go directly to full-text of most articles. Filters on the left-hand side of the results link to Lane’s print materials, videos, and ebooks.

Bioresearch metasearch expands your search to over 200 bioresearch search engines.

Get a full overview of the Search options available.

3. DocXpress – get articles from other libraries
Be prepared for those times when an article cannot be found in the Lane or Stanford library collections. Lane can obtain articles for you in 2-3 days via Interlibrary Loan. Set up your DocXpress account any time and learn more about this great service.

4. Excellent suite of software available at the library’s computer clusters
A very large percentage of our resources are online, but that does not mean you shouldn’t come to the physical library. Aside from quiet and a variety of study areas, the library has two computer clusters equipped with a variety of software including MS Office, R commander, ChemOffice, JMP Statistical Discovery, Adobe Photoshop, GraphPad Prism, SAS, SPSSv.1.8, Protein Explorer, EndNote, MATLAB, MDL ISIS and more!

5. Download books and book chapters
The library licenses a wide selection of e-books; many allow chapters or sections to be downloaded, printed, or transferred to an electronic reading device such as an iPad or Kindle. Explore the more than 8,000 ebooks currently available.

6. Lane offers a wide variety of FREE classes!
Workshop topics include finding funding, conducting literature searches, grant and scientific writing, programming with various computer languages, as well as seminars on using bioinformatics software licensed by Stanford libraries. A new course schedule is published two weeks before the start of each quarter.

7. The library licenses many useful bioresearch tools
In addition to subscribing to a huge collection of journals, the library offers many other bioresearch tools. To name a few:

  • Scopus
  • MetaCore
  • Eureka
  • Biobase Knowledge Library

8. Bioresearch Portal
The Bioresearch Portal is your one-stop shop for identifying and selecting biotools. This portal is curated by Lane’s Bioresearch Informationist. It provides information on high-quality tools and their availability; those tools currently licensed by Stanford libraries or other core campus facilities are highlighted. Visit the portal to learn more.

9. The Bioresearch Informationist exists!
Lane Library’s bioresearch informationist program was created to help scientists and clinicians choose the appropriate tools for their research needs. You can schedule consultations with the Bioresearch Informationist in person, via skype or on the phone. The bioresearch informationist can help you navigate through the sea of available research tools, and train you to use the many resources licensed by Lane.

10. My library liaison, My Friend!
Lane Library's Liaison Program couples Medical Center faculty, students, and staff with librarians who are familiar with the perspectives and knowledge areas of their assigned groups. Your Lane liaison can advocate for the special needs of your department, provide in-depth one-on-one or small group consulting on information management tools and strategies, and develop and perform complex literature reviews. Find out who your library liaison is.

Arpi Siyahian PhD is a postdoctoral fellow in the department of Cardiothoracic Surgery who also functions as Lane’s Bioresearch Informationist. She may be reached at

October 6, 2011 12:45 PM