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11:07 AM May 11, 2011

Psychiatry Portal New!

Lanes new Psychiatry Portal features e-books, e-journals, clinical decision tools, RSS feeds, and information on DSM-5. Comments are welcome.

12:35 PM October 24, 2010

Transfac Professional is Back!

Lane Library Staff

The Falconer Biology Library and the Lane Library and Knowledge Management Center are delighted to announce the licensing of the professional version of the TRANSFAC database.

3:34 PM July 9, 2010

NIH Public Access Compliance Problems?

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Principle Investigators (or delegates they assign) may now use My NCBIs new features to easily manage publication compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.

10:50 AM June 21, 2010

Lane Library's Bookless Branch in LKSC

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Lane's "bookless branch" is on the fourth floor of the new LKSC building, which opened on May 12 for the use of School of Medicine students (biosciences and medical).

10:50 AM June 21, 2010

Information Literacy 2.0: Digital Team Space for Collaboration

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Interactive online Team Spaces foster both clinical instruction and information literacy education.

10:50 AM June 21, 2010

NIH Public Access Requirement for grant applications

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Beginning April 7, 2008, all peer-reviewed manuscripts based on NIH funding must be deposited to PubMed Central upon acceptance for publication.

10:45 AM June 21, 2010


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Scopus is a comprehensive database of biomedical articles, conference proceedings, patents, etc. If you use PubMed, check out Scopus; it includes more subjects and more journals than PubMed or Web of Science.

1:35 PM June 9, 2010

Lane's Research Bioinformationist

Introducing Arpi Siyahian, PhD, Lane's Research Bioinformationist. Arpi is a postdoc in Cardiovascular Surgery and works part-time at Lane, developing the Bioresearch portal and assisting researchers with information tools. Contact...
9:29 AM May 7, 2010

New: Scopus

Scopus, the Elsevier database, is now available to Stanford users thanks to a license purchased by SERG, Stanford's Science and Engineering Resource Group. The license expires April 2013. Scopus is...
2:31 PM March 23, 2010

New: Science Translational Medicine

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Lane is building a state-of-the-art library facility, online. It provides the medical center and the entire SU campus community with expanded search capability and more "user-friendly" access to 4,700 online biomedical periodicals, as well as thousands of online books, images, videos, etc.

10:55 AM July 9, 2009

JAMA Archive 1883-1997 Now Completed Online!

The digitization of the JAMA Archive 1883-1997 has been completed! The complete online backfiles have been licensed for Stanford. This rich digital archive features landmark articles that helped shape modern...
10:46 AM March 3, 2009

Want a brainier PubMed?

Have you ever wanted a brainier PubMed, one with capabilities similar to those of Web of Science? If so, have a look at novoseek, an innovative biomedical literature search engine...
10:47 AM November 7, 2008

Journal Impact Factors

Wondering where to publish? Journal Impact Factor Trend Graphs are now available directly from the LaneConnex eJournals List, Search, and in the Lane Catalog for approximately 3,900 titles to help...
2:50 PM October 15, 2008

Metasearch now searches RSeek

The Bioresearch Metasearch engine now returns search results from RSeek, a search engine specialized in retrieving information about the R statistical language. Why does anyone need this? Well, if you've...
6:31 PM September 16, 2008

OPPIE Replaces SearchPlus Sep 23

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has introduced a replacement for SearchPlus called OPPIE. SearchPlus will be discontinued by LANL on September 23, 2008. By September 23, OPPIE will offer...
5:03 PM September 13, 2008

NEW: AccessSurgery

AccessSurgery now available for Stanford! AccessSurgery is organized around the ACGME's (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education's) mandate for a Core Curriculum. AccessSurgery also helps surgical programs address two of...
3:38 PM September 11, 2008

New: Encyclopedia of Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics

If you've ever struggled with quickly understanding an unfamiliar concept in bioinformatics, genomics, genetics or proteomics, the Encyclopedia of Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics (EGGPB) is a great solution. It...
11:46 AM September 2, 2008

Vast eBook expansion

Recent developments have vastly increased the availability of electronic books (eBooks) provided by the Stanford University Libraries (SULAIR) and the Lane Medical Library: Since the beginning of the year, Lane...
11:25 AM August 21, 2008

New: PROTEOME & TRANSFAC databases

The interfaces for the PROTEOME and TRANSFAC Pro databases have been upgraded substantially, providing much greater ease of use. Among many improvements: 1. The two applications now use a unified,...
11:46 AM August 8, 2008

New: ASM Materials for Medical Devices Database

If you work with medical devices ranging from catheters to pacemakers, the ASM Materials for Medical Devices Database is your key source for understanding the materials used in those devices,...
1:27 PM January 31, 2008

Patent ordering via DocXpress

Ever tried downloading an entire patent document from a free service such as the USPTO or EspaceNet? If so, you know that they won't let you download more than one...
11:14 AM January 22, 2008

SciFinder web version now available!

The Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library is pleased to announce the availability of the web version of SciFinder to Stanford affiliates. Available immediately, SciFinder web version is a powerful...
3:52 PM January 4, 2008

Cell Stem Cell now available!

You asked for it and you got it! The popular journal Cell Stem Cell is now available. As always, remember to connect to LaneConnex ( first to ensure full access...
12:52 PM October 25, 2007

Blackwell back years added

We recently added 70 additional journal backfiles from the publisher Blackwell including: Allergy, 1978- Anaesthesia, 1946- BJOG, 1902- British journal of dermatology, 1917- Clinical and experimental pharmacology and physiology, 1974-...
4:21 PM October 3, 2007

SciVee: "YouTube for Scientists"

SciVee is a new video service that is best described as "YouTube for scientists." Produced by a collaboration between the National Science Foundation, the Public Library of Science, and the...
12:53 PM July 30, 2007

TRANSFAC Professional now available

The Falconer Biology Library and the Lane Library and Knowledge Management Center are pleased to announce the licensing of the professional version of the TRANSFAC database. Available immediately, TRANSFAC Professional...
9:33 PM May 28, 2007

Introducing Webdash

The Lane Library is proud to offer access to a new research and collaboration tool called Webdash. Webdash is a personal web assistant designed specifically for biomedical research and collaboration....
6:52 PM March 27, 2007

Selected Lane classes now presented via WebEx

Several classes offered by the Lane Library are now offered via WebEx. For the first time, attendees will no longer be required to be present in person, thus providing exceptional...
7:04 PM January 8, 2007

Human Gene Mutation Database Pro is here!

The Lane Library is pleased to announce the licensing of the Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD) Professional Version. The contents and capabilities of the Professional and public versions are identical,...
2:05 AM January 3, 2007

SPCTRM Workshops Now Online

A number of biostatisticsal workshops by Ray Balise, PhD, are now available as webcasts from the Stanford-Packard Center for Translational Research in Medicine (SPCTRM) website: Biostatistics 101 Biostatistics 102 Data...
7:23 PM December 15, 2006

Upcoming Biostatistics class at Lane!

Starting Feb 20th 2007, the Lane Library will be offering a series of three biostatistics classes revolving around the R system, designed to provide researchers with straightforward tools for mastering...
9:38 PM December 13, 2006

Interested in the quickest way to find drug and target data?

DrugBank is a curated database of highly summarized yet detailed drug data (e.g., chemical, pharmacological and pharmaceutical), combined with comprehensive drug target data , including sequences, structures, genetic features and...
10:07 PM November 22, 2006

Clear your fines with food!

Lane Library will accept food donations in support of Second Harvest Food Bank through December 29, 2006. During this time, your food donations will be applied to "pay" any library...
7:11 PM November 16, 2006

Announcing New Resources for Life Scientists from the Lane Library

The Lane Library has added two additional data sources to its LaneConnex metasearch tool. Metasearch is a search engine that collects hits from multiple sources and summarizes them according to...
11:27 PM September 29, 2006

Enhanced Portals Debut

Clinical The Clinical Portal provides answers at the point of patient care: Drugs, tests, and calculators Infectious, skin, and genetic disease texts SCH and LPCH intranets Clinical Search of 135+...
1:47 AM September 20, 2006

SKOLAR Replaced by ClinicalResource@Ovid

Effective today ClinicalResource@Ovid, CRO, is replacing SKOLAR. CRO employs an integrated search to simultaneously retrieve information from most of the same resources as were searched in SKOLAR. The big...
2:56 AM August 17, 2006

New! Pediatrics, v.1, 1948-

Pediatrics is now available online back to Volume 1, 1948! We are adding eJournal backfiles daily, so check LaneConnex eJournals for the latest information. If you find eJournal earlier...
9:32 PM August 4, 2006

New! eJournal Backfiles

Cancer v.1, 1948- Journal of Physiology v.1, 1878- Nature v.165, 1950- We are adding eJournal back years daily, so check LaneConnex eJournals for the latest information. If you find eJournal...
5:04 PM August 4, 2006

New! Protein Lounge

Protein Lounge is now available for Stanford users! Protein Lounge contains -- an siRNA target, -- a Peptide-Antigen target and -- a Kinase-Phosphatase database. Resources include links to illustrated...
4:24 PM August 4, 2006

New! Cold Spring Harbor Protocols

Lane Library is pleased to announce the licensing of CSH Protocols with access to step-by-step methods in: - bioinformatics - cell and molecular biology - genetics - imaging -...
8:29 PM June 22, 2006

Trial: Autophagy & Cell Cycle

Take a look at these 2 new ejournals, Autophagy and Cell Cycle, on trial till August 31, 2006. Send feedback...
9:57 AM June 9, 2006

New: Psych Ejournal Backfiles

Aggressive Behavior 1974-1995 Applied Cognitive Psychology 1987-1995 Behavioral Interventions 1986-1995 Behavioral Sciences & the Law 1983-1995 Child Abuse Review 1992-1995 Early Development and Parenting 1992-1995 European Eating Disorders Review 1993-1995...
2:54 AM June 9, 2006

New: GEN biotechnology database

Includes a company search, a glossary search, and several ejournals. GEN biotechnology database...
11:52 AM June 8, 2006

New: Proteome

Proteome, a database of information on protein classification and function, is available both on & off campus. It provides access to: - HumanPSD & GPCR-PD - human, mouse &...
12:55 PM April 18, 2006


Lane now provides access to: ACP PIER, The Physicians' Information and Education Resource, published by the American College of Physicians. PIER is an evidence-based, point-of-care, decision support tool for clinicians....
10:17 PM March 31, 2006

New: Simulation in Healthcare

Simulation in Healthcare is now available! This online journal includes articles on: safety and quality-oriented training, educational and competency assessment standards, experience in the use of simulation technology, virtual reality,...
10:02 PM March 28, 2006

New: 154 Years of Psychiatry

Lane has licensed the Psychiatry Legacy Collection of ejournals, 1844-1997: American Journal of Insanity v.1-77, 1844-1920 American Journal of Psychiatry v.78-153, 1921-96 Academic Psychiatry v.13-21, 1989-97 Journal of Neuropsychiatry &...
2:17 AM March 16, 2006

New: BioMed Central Supporting Member

With 2006 Lane Library became a BioMed Central Supporting Member, entitling Stanford authors to a 15% discount on Article Processing Charges for primary research material selected for publication. Send feedback...
7:38 PM January 6, 2006

Evidence matters

Over 50,000 statistics from peer-reviewed research, updated daily, on therapy efficacy, safety & costs. Connect to Evidence matters...
10:06 PM December 14, 2005

New version of Micromedex

We've upgraded our access to Micromedex - this version matches what is used in SHC and LPCH. Connect to Micromedex...
9:10 PM December 14, 2005

New! Books@Ovid

29 Books@Ovid address coverage in adolescent health, nursing, hematology, oncology, gynecology, and eating disorders. Please remember to use Ovid's logout button to free up the book for another user. Browse...
12:20 AM December 5, 2005


This includes information on Microbes (human pathogens), Antimicrobial Agents, and the HIV Clinical Manual. Connect to
2:15 AM December 3, 2005

New: PsychiatryOnline

Includes DSM-IV-TR Library, American Journal of Psychiatry and four other American Psychiatric Publishing journals from 1998 to present, plus additional texts and browsable topics. PsychiatryOnline...