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3:00 PM September 6, 2011

Tip: Google results and Lane resources

Do you have trouble accessing fulltext of Lane resources when searching Google? Not seeing the Stanford fulltext buttons in PubMed? The Lane Proxy Bookmarklet could help with getting fulltext when...
12:03 PM May 20, 2011

QR codes – They’re everywhere!

Scan Quick Response (QR) codes with a smartphone to capture webpages, contact information, schedules, and more. Lane and Ed Tech use these handy codes to deliver information about resources and rooms.

11:30 AM May 11, 2011

TIP: Who is citing my articles?

To find out who is citing your articles, try Web of Science.

3:00 AM February 3, 2011

Tip: DocXpress from Scopus

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When Scopus articles aren’t available at Lane or Stanford, go directly toDocXpress and fill in the request form, or try finding the same article in PubMed.

2:09 PM February 1, 2011

Tip: Need an Image?

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Illustrate a talk, find image resources for studying, or explore human anatomy using Lane's growing collection of image resources.

9:30 AM November 15, 2010

Tip: Find Full Text Articles Easily using a PMID

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Locate full-text articles fast! Enter a PMID in Lane's search box; when the abstract displays, click on the article title to view full-text.

10:50 AM June 21, 2010

NIH Public Access Requirement for grant applications

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Beginning April 7, 2008, all peer-reviewed manuscripts based on NIH funding must be deposited to PubMed Central upon acceptance for publication.

8:00 AM February 22, 2010

Tip: Looking for journal titles?

Search for Titles Did you know you can find journal titles by searching LaneConnex? It doesn't take much typing if you use the auto complete feature. In many cases, the title you are looking for will be first among the search results.